Could Max Scherzer set the bar for Jordan Zimmermann?

ERA 2011-13 – 39-28, 3.12 ERA, 570.1 IP

As you see, Scherzer has improved significantly each season. He’s already a Cy Young winner, is just 29 and could conceivably get even better. He was also the best pitcher on a team that won their division and made the playoffs in 2013. 

Overall, however, he hasn’t been any better than Zimmermann over the last three seasons. Zimmermann, in fact, has held opponents to 0.54 less runs on average. That’s significant even with the delineation between AL and NL lineups. He’s also two years younger that Scherzer

Scherzer can be a free agent after this coming season while Zimmermann is under control through 2015. The Tigers also traded Prince Fielder to the Rangers in November which gave them more financial flexibility. All signs point to an extension for Scherzer and it could happen soon.

Whatever number Scherzer gets could give insight into what Zimmermann is worth. He may not have the name recognition or accolades that Scherzer has, but he’s been just as effective for his team.  

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